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Saudi Air Connectivity potential draws global attention at Routes World 2023

ACP Saudi

Saudi Arabia is increasingly forming new deals and partnerships with both local and international airlines

Istanbul: Routes World 2023, held October 15-17 in Istanbul, Türkiye, drew global attention to Saudi Arabia's air connectivity potential, with global decision-makers in aviation turning their focus to the Kingdom's burgeoning market.

This year’s Saudi participation, facilitated by ACP – an entity dedicated to contributing to tourism growth by increasing air connectivity to Saudi Arabia – involved over 60 meetings with global aviation leaders to explore partnership opportunities in the Kingdom.

“We are delighted with the positive and impactful engagements the Saudi delegation had at Routes World 2023,” Ali Rajab, CEO of ACP, said after the event. “Saudi Arabia is establishing itself as a leader in tourism and aviation, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Saudi connectivity ecosystem. ACP has played a key role in these endeavors, and this is evident from the success of this year’s participation.”

As part of the Saudi connectivity ecosystem’s participation in Routes World 2023, Rajab engaged in a panel discussion alongside global leaders on trends shaping the aviation industry. During the session, titled “Sustainable Tourism – Travel and Trends,” Rajab shared his insights on the importance of consistent regulations within the aviation industry and the necessity for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to promote sustainable growth in airline networks.

“In a world facing evolving travel trends, unified and simplified laws and regulations are essential for ensuring resilience. Only through collaborative efforts among all stakeholders and a robust regulatory framework can the aviation industry adapt more seamlessly to changing circumstances and promote sustainable growth in airline networks,” Rajab said.

Saudi Arabia is increasingly forming new deals and partnerships with both local and international airlines. This has led to the ongoing expansion of air connectivity to the Kingdom, with 16 new routes having opened from June 2022 to July 2023. The expansion is notably reflected in Saudi Arabia's improved International Air Transport Association (IATA) Ranking, moving from 27th in 2019 to 13th in 2023.